About Compell – A digital marketing agency from Denmark

Why, how, what?

As an online marketing agency our main focus is on online business development.

Even though we always keep an eye on the newest trends, our work is based upon the things that work here and now. The focus of our work is on the cooperation with our customers.

We love when numbers grow bigger. It gives us a small, but clear feeling of happiness when we see an ascending curve. Aaah.

In our hunt for this feeling of happiness we always force ourselves to consider how we can improve the marketing and which campaigns or tools we will implement. This is to improve the overall marketing and to make the best results for your company.


Who are we?

Now you know a little about our motivation, driving force and approach to marketing. So maybe now is the time to introduce us a little more in general.

Compell was founded in 2011 and today we consist of 8 employees with all-round education and work experience within communication and marketing. Our office is located in Lystrup, Aarhus.


Our experience with (foreign) customers

We have worked with the marketing of more than 225 different companies – all with concrete issues that needed to be solved. Our work with online marketing is always modified to the specific customer.

Several of these companies are foreign customers in Denmark. We have the knowledge and the experience to help foreign companies in Denmark with what we do best: marketing.


Contact us

We are not afraid of a challenge so don’t be either.

You are welcome to contact us and set up a noncommittal meeting where you can get our opinion on your case and situation for free.

E: info@compell.dk
T: 71 99 75 15